CARBON Group is based in Austria and was founded by Ferdinand Heilig in 2004. It develops, finances and operates sustainable, environmentally friendly and viable projects. CARBON Group has a broad project portfolio with special emphasis on the following main fields of activities:

  •    Climate change
  •    Renewable energy
  •    Sustainable products


CARBON Group is a global player in the field of climate change and has vast experience in developing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects - especially in the field of N2O abatement - in Africa, Latin America and Asia:

  •    Developer of the CDM methodology for the destruction of N2O in nitric acid plants
  •    Implementation of Egypt's first CDM project, which is also the largest CDM project of Africa
  •    Major share in worldwide CDM market in terms of issued Certified Emission Reductions


CARBON Group has also set up different Joint Ventures in order to develop renewable energy projects - such as photovoltaic and hyrdo power plants - in Europe as well as in Latin America:

  • Construction and operation of one of the largest PV parks of Thüringen (Germany)
  • Construction and operation of hyrdo power plants near the Peruvian capital city of Lima


In addition, CARBON Group is active in the development of innovative sustainable products in order to address the growing challenges of reduced resource consumption and improved energy efficiency. The clear aim is to reduce the product´s ecological footprint. One of these innovations are volcanic fibres, which have better mechanical, chemical and thermal properties compared to other high-tech fibres. Please refer to for further information.