Real Estate

Heilig Immobilien GmbH

Our values

We are an innovative property developer with many years of experience in the development of residential real estate and commercial projects in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. From the procurement of the property, the architectural vision, planning and structural implementation to marketing and turnkey handover, we at Heilig Immobilien monitor and accompany all processes in order to be able to ensure our high quality standards. The basis for our success is, among other things, a profound knowledge of the market, the resulting entrepreneurial foresight and the in-depth knowledge of the living requirements of our customers. In addition, there is the technical expertise of our well-coordinated team, a friendly and comprehensive service as well as a trusting and respectful dealing with our customers, partner companies and service providers. 

Efficient and always reliable

Thanks to our lean company structure and capital strength, Heilig Immobilien is decisive and a guarantee for reliability and continuity in every economic phase.


With our high-quality Heilig real estate, we create modern apartments and workplaces that are intended to set accents in terms of aesthetics and architecture. In addition, we take the responsibility to make a long-term contribution to the positive development of the immediate area.